Do not Sabotage Yourself Anymore

Do obstacles always come from outside? What if it’s coming from within?

Self-handicapping, by the name in psychology, is described by Berglas ve Jones (1978) as “although a person has the capacity to fulfill a task, doubts of her/himself that s/he can accomplish it and finds excuses to justify her/his failures”. For this, the person may act like postponing the preparation for a necessary task or finding other “important” jobs to do instead. Ultimately, when the target mission ends up a failure, the responsible of it would not be the person her/himself but excuses, such as ”having other things to do’ or ‘not having enough time’ etc.

Considering that “why does a person do this to her/himself?”, there are some reasons for it.

The first of these is to protect the ego from the disappointment that will result from a possible failure. This possibility frightens so much, for example, that one willingly “misses” the application date of the school s/he wants so much.

The second reason may be that the person does not feel ready for the situation to be achieved. Because this will bring some changes in her life, and this may mean discomfort. Haven’t you ever shuddered when you imagine something that you want so much to come true?

One of the  other reasons for self-handicapping is that the person believes that s/he does not deserve the result because s/he does not consider her/himself valuable enough. And if a person does not consider her/himself worthy of success, what is the need for all that effort, isn’t it?

Leaving self-handicapping is possible once we aware of doing that. If you are in doubt about your own worth, don’t hesitate to get professional help to improve your well-being.

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Well-being worths to care

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